Swedish launch of anCnoc Peatlands

anCnoc Peatlands is the newest member of anCnoc’s Peaty Collection. Only 3600 bottles will be released in Sweden on August 7, and the price per bottle is 499kr at Systembolaget. The peaty Collection has previously received its name from the tools used when digging and working peat. The tool cutter used to cut slightly drier peat and Tushkar used to chop up smaller pieces so you get the peat pieces in to the kiln. Now, therefore, something to put the shovel into, anCnoc Peatlands.

Peatlands you will find in the Scottish Highlands. Especially in the northern and western areas with mild slopes and inadequate drainage. This environment governs the wonderful landscape of the gently rolling moorlands. Smoky whiskey is measured in phenol levels, and perhaps more correct word is peaty whiskey, then that is when you dry green malt with peat as the final product smells and tastes of smoke. anCnoc Peatlands have a phenol level of 9PPM and like its predecessors, anCnoc’s DNA is still there.

“I am always pleased each time anCnoc’s copper stills seeping smells of peat. My previous favorite Tushkar have been a real contender when anCnoc Peatlands have also been matured in ex-bourbon casks. Despite a noticeable smoke so retains Peatlands the classic anCnoc core taste profile like citrus, green apples and freshly grated nutmeg. In the flavor it becomes exiting, creamy toffee and a small bonfire-feeling along with a wonderfully long peaty finish, says Tommy Isaksson Brand Ambassador anCnoc.”